Center for Training & Analysis

Yaldram Security Services is operating its own center for training and analysis with a dedicated Firing Range approved by Ministry of Interior. The range can support firing practice of both Pistols and Rifle firing including automatic weapons.

The objective of training is to meet the challenge of preparing guards for clients who can perform duties that of professional security personnel. We are committed to raising the standards of our security personnel by making concerted and continuous efforts, thus improving the vigilance and performance of them.

We understand that the Role of Security guard is to maintain order at the place of duty and provide a visible, prominent and reassuring presence to the client and members of public.

Guards and Close protection (CPs) are regularly trained at our school.


Types of Training

  1. Induction Training

  2. On Job Training

  3. Quarterly Training


Training Courses

  1. Physical Fitness

  2. Weapon Handling

  3. Shooting Skills

  4. Un-armed Combat skills

  5. Access Control-Pedestrian and Vehicular

  6. Fire Fighting awareness

  7. First Aid

  8. Body Searches

  9. Guarding and Patrolling

  10. Use of communication gadgets-VHF

  11. Personality Development

  12. Communication Skills

  13. Emergency Procedures


Specialized Training

  1. Evasive Defensive Driving Courses

  2. Close Protection


Over and above, special training sessions can be arranged on the demand of client for which terms and conditions could be decided later.

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